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Hold the line…I’ll be right back!

I don’t think that I envy rich people. I really believe that if I had all the money in the world that I ever needed, I would soon find out how boring my life could be without work.

Sadly, work for me is a necessity. Living paycheck-to-paycheck has been my social standard for decades. Not that I’m complaining too loudly, but I have begun to get to the point in my life that I’d like to take a little time to enjoy life, and the things it could offer me if I actually had some free time.

I feel that I am neglecting myself, my family and my home, simply by being gone all the time. Working two jobs has begun to take it’s toll on me metally too, I think. The second income is nice to have, but it’s really a means to an end and the beginning of a new chapter in my life as well. Working at the airlines has been fun in the past, but it’s shine and lustre faded long ago and commuting to a city 800 miles away is anything but exciting for me.

Working at the grocery/home store has been challenging, fresh and fun, albeit not as lucrative, although the potential to make that increase is there for the taking if I choose to persue it. It’s a tough choice becuase I’ve been so comfortable in the airlines — but the airlines hold no real future for me and that is what’s most frustrating.

The bottom line is simply that my life has been on hold with regards to my financial advancement for many years while I have enjoyed years of traveling the world, meeting celebrities and dignitaries and having a quality of life that I had only dreamed of earlier.

This won’t be an easy transition — but nothing worth doing really is. At some point, the cards have to fall in my favor and I hope to make full use of every opportunity that comes my way. Otherwise, it’s “would you like milk and sugar with that” will be the epitat that will be engraved on my headstone!