Let the sun shine…let the sunshine in!

If there is one thing that keeps me pumped up and excited to live in the Rocky Mountain west of the United States, it’s gotta be the weather. I am not a huge winter fan at all, and extended stretches of cold, grey winter days can really do a number on my psyche. But it’s days like today that make it all worth it.

Those who live in the Wasatch Front area of Utah understand days like today. For the last 5-6 weeks, we have been kind of stuck in the typical December-January inversion—the cold air staying on the valley floors, trapped there by the high pressure warmer air; so many folks will spend a day or two up in the Park City area just to warm up and get a breath of fresh air.

When the inversion plagues our valleys, there is no doubt that the air quality can actually get worse than Los Angeles! Those of us with asthma really suffer during this time of year. But 5-6 weeks of this nastiness, compared to 44-45 weeks of pure fresh mountain air is really worth the sacrifice. Last night, a huge wind, rain and sleet storm passed through the area, scrubbing away that awful gunk and replacing the smog with beautiful, crystal clear Rocky Mountain air!

Beautiful Utah Winter Morning

A beautiful Utah winter morning

This photo was taken this morning and for the first time in weeks, I can see across the valley – over 30 miles away to the other end of Utah Lake…all the way to Mount Nebo. And the best part is: Right now, although it’s only 42° outside, I have every window in the house open, every ceiling fan running and the fan function on the central air unit going full blast to recharge the interior air supply.

Take in a deep breath and feel the cabin fever quickly melt away! I gotta get out and walk. Thank the heavens for days like today!


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