The Got-it-trons

Have you ever played a brand new game with someone who was SUPER competitive? Like, when you open up the game for the first time, this person simply learns the absolute basics of the game, ignoring anything they might consider “trivial” and they do their damnedest to win, conquer or at least control the outcome?

How about this? How many people do you encounter in your day-to-day living that know everything—they already have the answer, they already have the necessary information, they have no time to have an explanation? These are the people that really have no tolerance for anyone else who isn’t up to their speed or reached their level of knowledge and/or their perceived status in the universe and they make no apologies for the manner of disgust, distain and abhorrence they feel for any such people. They live by a completely different set of rules than everybody else. They ignore the status quo or flat out deny that it even applies to them personally simply because of whom they are!

What’s worse is that in a crowd of people, they tend to be the leaders because they simply cannot afford to waste time waiting to see if anybody else will step up, and they will bend or break the rules because in their minds, those were developed for everyone else—for the masses—not for them, and their actions will prompt others without the chutzpah to cross that line independently to attempt the same, usually with disastrous consequences.

In a sometimes chaotic world, these are they that tend to cause the most trouble, be the loudest, cause the most commotion or simply ignore everything entirely and do their own thing, usually when it doesn’t sit right with them or if they feel they are being boxed in. You cannot tell these people “no” simply because they will take it upon themselves to make everyone else’s lives miserable until they get their way and are satisfied in their own minds.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “Got-it-tron!”

I was thinking about this type of individual today because, interestingly enough, I encounter them more often than not on the road as I am driving. These Got-it-trons tend to be THE owners of the road. They are constantly “behind schedule” therefore they absolutely MUST be in front of everybody else, at whatever expense, so long as YOU are behind them. They will cut you off to keep you from making your exit on the freeway; they will ride your tail if they are behind you until you are forced, in some demented game of “chicken,” to yield to them. They will even drive around you on the right (even on the shoulder) if it gives them the advantage on the road ahead.

My thought was that many of these folks have to be Got-it-trons simply because the rules of the road just don’t apply to them (and quite frankly, I have a feeling that many of these maniacal knit-wits haven’t a clue which road rules and laws they are even breaking!). Haven’t got the time to find out! How dare they lower the speed limit in a construction zone when there is no one working on the road at 10 O’clock at night! Since when have they ever gotten a ticket for using the HOV lane as their own personal speedway?

As a person who truly believes in karmic justice, I have to wonder sometimes “when that wheel finally comes round?” I mean let’s face it, we’ve all been there; we’ve all been caught speeding or running a stop sign. A friend of mine is so often ticketed that I think they may even know his name at the county courthouse! But it never seems to be the Got-it-trons that end up with those red and blue flashing lights in their rearview mirror. There have been very rare occasions that I was ever able to witness the culprit getting his (or her) just rewards.

Now, this is in no way a slam on the police or highway patrol. I know that, especially now with the economy in such flux, it is difficult at best to be everywhere all the time. I don’t know how that can or will change, but somewhere along the road, the Got-it-tron needs to get his “come-uppance!”


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