The Bird is the Word?

I’ve been watching Larry King as they discuss this phenomenon called “Twitter” and “Tweeting.”

I opened a Twitter account back in February (@JettStar) just to see what was there and I just didn’t get it. Even after all the conversations on the news about the power of Twitter, I’m still at a loss as to how Twitter is “changing the world.”

The whole expansion of the Internet universe is really quite an amazing thing. When I first was introduced to the online experience, there were two areas that I frequented. One was America Online and the other was the IRC – the Internet Relay Chat…the original chat system that was developed for communication between educators and universities worldwide to share information in a real-time environment.

Somehow that system became the foundation for social networking online, and I am glad to say that I was a part of that. Things have rapidly evolved, expanded, mutated and advanced in “cyber-space” that the old tools are barely recognizable, much like vinyl records and 8-track and cassette tapes have become in the world of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray.

I hope that as I get older, I can keep up with all the latest and greatest stuff, but I think I am starting to see how my own parents were feeling when us kids were introducing them to video games, walkmen, and digital music.

Before I know it, typing this blog on my laptop computer will be obsolete and ancient as we move to artificial intelligence and communication by brain wave…it could happen!


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